Pruitt's Little Farm

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees

Tree Types

Scotch Pine - $50
This variety is the most popular Christmas tree in the United States and was first introduced into the country by European settlers.  Its stiff branches do wonderfully at holding up even the heaviest ornaments.  The tree keeps its aroma throughout the entire season.  Scotch Pine have dark green needles 1 to 3 inches long that have incredible retention; the tree actually does not drop needles even when dry.  We did not replant this variety, but still have a few nice trees to choose from up to ~10 feet.


Norway Spruce – $60

This tree is extremely popular in Europe, and with our customers as well. It makes a gorgeous Christmas tree, with lacy branches resembling the ultimate wintertime filigree of snowflakes!  Needles are ½” to 1” long and dark green.  Because of the needles’ delicate size, needle retention is the shortest of the varieties we carry, so not a good choice if you plan to cut your tree early in the season, but please do not let that discourage you.  This variety is the perfect selection after the 1st week of December.  This was actually the variety chosen as the first National Christmas Tree during the Calvin Coolidge administration.  We have many Norway Spruce up to 10 feet tall this year!


Blue Spruce – $70

This state tree of Utah and Colorado can live in nature for 600 to 800 years!  It has dark green to powdery blue needles 1 to 3 inches long, and is among the best of its species for needle retention.  Though slow to mature, the Blue Spruce has almost perfect form, growing in a symmetrical pattern.  I actually refer to the Blue Spruce as our “show stopper”, as they make a stunning and unique Christmas tree, not only in appearance, but the aroma is heavenly…a spruce scent with just a hint of sage.  We have Blue Spruce as tall as 12 feet this year, but most are 6 to 9 feet tall.