Welcome to our little website!

We are open today...

Sunday, December 11th,  11am until 4pm

 If you have never experienced the fun of visiting a “choose and cut” Christmas tree farm, we hope that you will consider starting a wonderful family tradition of finding the perfect tree with us!          

Don’t be timid, it’s easy!  We even have great young men that

offer assistance if needed with cutting, baling* and loading your tree

(although not expected, tips are greatly appreciated)! 

Then gather with your family around our antique parlor stove to enjoy complimentary hot chocolate and peppermint candy canes in a picturesque setting

overlooking the Blue Ride Mountains.

DOGSARE FAMILY & WELCOMED (we have water and biscuits for them too), but please bring a leash.  There is a special “potty” area for pups to visit first, so they aren’t tempted to go on and around the Christmas trees, keeping everyone happy!

We currently have:

Scotch Pine (up to 12’) ..........$50 any size
Norway Spruce (up to 12’).....$60 any size
Blue Spruce (up to 12’) ..............$70 any size
(If you would like a tree 3 feet or smaller, we charge $10 per foot) 

We accept only cash and personal checks

and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please make checks out to:  Cynthia Pruitt

*Even though we have extra large balers, some of the trees are simply much too large to go through.

If you plan to get an extra large tree,

please also plan to bring or borrow a pickup truck to safely transport it to your home.

Choose and Cut your Tree on a Self-Serve Honor System!

            If you are interested in getting a tree from us sometime other than the above dates and do not require assistance, then you are welcomed to visit the farm anytime before  Christmas during daylight hours to Choose and Cut your tree on a Self-Serve Honor System!.
                                                                                                                                                 Just come up our driveway that comes up to the house where we will keep supplies on the front porch (saws, twine for tying on vehicles, gloves, information sheets about varieties, etc.).  Then the field is all yours!  Bring the kids, dog, friends, picnic or whatever and take as long as you want to chose and cut your tree. We will also keep the baler filled with netting and instructions attached if you would like your tree netted/baled. When done, kindly return the supplies, and place either cash or a personal check into the PAYMENT envelope next to the front door.   We charge $60 for all trees to make it easier.

We're located in Loudoun County, Virginia...

just outside the Town of Round Hill at 16477 Woodgrove Road.

From Leesburg, travel Rt. 7 west towards Winchester,

then take the Round Hill/Purcellville exit. 
Bear right onto Rt. 7 business and

follow into the town of Round Hill

(don't blink!). 
Turn right onto Main St. (at the gas station/Tammy’s Diner),

which is also Rt. 719 north AND Woodgrove Rd.  Go ~1.8 miles and

you will see our Pruitt's Little Farm sign and entrance on the left.

Pruitt's Little Farm

16477 Woodgrove Road

Round Hill, Virginia 20142


(540) 338-2852
(540) 454-0727 (only during hours of operation)

We want to thank everyone who has ever visiteed our farmThis will sadly be the final season we will be open fully staffed and operational.

Pruitt's Little Farm

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees